Who is Metal Lee’s mom?

So you are a Naruto fan who is curious to find out, Who is Metal Lee’s mom. If anyone watches anime, knows it’s a just different world where are many things to discover and learn. If you have watched Naruto you definitely recognize metal lee. Everyone knows Metal lee but the important question here is […]

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Did Itachi let Sasuke win?

did itachi let sasuke win? Yes, Itachi did let Sasuke win because he loves his younger brother. Most of the time Itachi did not understand Sasuke’s emotions and feelings but that does not the fact that he loves him. Even Tobi/Zetsu mention that everything went according to Itachi’s plan. From baiting Sasuke with genjutsu to

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Did Itachi love Sasuke?

Did Itachi love sasuke? Yes, Itachi loves Sasuke although Itachi was a horrible and abusive brother who didn’t understand Sasuke’s personal feelings at all. Itachi loves Sasuke but he has never shown any interest to understand his younger brother’s feelings. Itachi does love his younger brother but not enough that he can stop himself from torturing

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