Who is Metal Lee’s mom?

So you are a Naruto fan who is curious to find out, Who is Metal Lee’s mom. If anyone watches anime, knows it’s a just different world where are many things to discover and learn.

If you have watched Naruto you definitely recognize metal lee. Everyone knows Metal lee but the important question here is Who is Metal Lee’s mom? We will get back to this question a little later, for now, let’s talk about the Naruto show and Metal lee.

Naruto series is one the most famous anime series in the world. It is a Japanese manga series about a boy, who wants to be the best ninja in his town.

There are a lot of things you can learn in the naruto series like don’t get stuck in the past, don’t fear anything you can achieve anything if you are willing to work hard with passion.

Metal lee is a respectful young boy and he is very honest and strong just like his dad. Metal lee is true shinobi and hot-blooded person like his father Rock Lee.

Who is Metal Lee’s mom?

In the series, Tenten cared most about rock lee and they had a very good relationship. For example on the 364th episode of Naruto when Neji dies, she is the one who cared the most about Rock Lee. Many fans noticed that Metal lee and Tenten’s eyes are the same so she could be his mother.

Both Metal lee and Tenten have similar traits therefore many people assumed that Tenten is the one who is Metal lee’s mother. We should not forget all of these are just a thought and the reason behind this thought is the beautiful relationship between Rock Lee and Tenten.

There are also some fan theories that say Kurotsuchi could be Metal Lee’s mother. It will be surprising if it is true because we have never seen any good moments or relationship between Rock Lee and Kurotsuchi.

Tenten, Kurtosuchi, and Ayame were the only girls who are the same age as Rock Lee. And if we try to choose between them, there is almost no chance for Kurtosuchi, she can not be his mother.

On the other side, Tenten was much caring and attentive to Rock Lee in many episodes. Although there is no official confirmation, if you ask me I would say Tenten is the only person who could be Metal’s mom.

One last thing which can clear your question ”Who is Metal Lee’s mom?” As we all know Metal Lee becomes quite shy and uncomfortable while performing in front of the audience. This is the only thing that makes him different from his father and many people think this thing is inherited from his mother.

If you try to find timid nature girls in the Naruto show, there are only two girls Hinata and Tenten. As we know there is no chance for Hinata as she is the wife of Naruto. Now the only girl remains and she is Tenten. As we said earlier there is no confirmation of this but if we take probability, Tenten will be Matel lee’s mother.

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