Did Itachi love Sasuke?

Did Itachi love sasuke?

Yes, Itachi loves Sasuke although Itachi was a horrible and abusive brother who didn’t understand Sasuke’s personal feelings at all. Itachi loves Sasuke but he has never shown any interest to understand his younger brother’s feelings. Itachi does love his younger brother but not enough that he can stop himself from torturing and abusing Sasuke.

People think Itachi does not love Sasuke just because he tortured him and took almost everything important from him. If you remember Itachi was ordered by superiors to kill his entire Uchiha clan. He killed everyone but not Sasuke because he loved him too much.

Itachi never tries to kill Sasuke even in the final fight he could have killed Sasuke very easily but he paused Sasuke to his limits. Itachi wants Sasuke to survive and his goal was to get killed by Sasuke.

Itachi’s goal is to die by Sasuke therefore he kept himself alive with the help of medicine and his willpower so that he can die by Sasuke’s hand.

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