Why Do People Hate Elon Musk?

In today’s world, there is no one who does not get hate whether you are very kind, friendly in nature, and doing great things. People always find a reason to hate you.

I know everyone has their own perspective and personality, but that’s not mean you can hate someone for no reason. Especially in the world of social media, hatred is increasing day by day.

We are living in a world where people start abusing and hating you just because you have shared your opinion on something.

Elon Musk is the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX. He is one of the richest men in the world and he also got so much success in life then why do people hate him.

Why Do People Hate Elon Musk?

Here are some reasons, why do people hate Elon Musk –

Wrong use of his Powers

Elon Musk is one the most famous people in the world and he has very good influence over his fans and followers.

Therefore when he says something or tweets about something, people just follow him as he is a genius and had done things that humans didn’t even think of.

Why Do People Hate Elon Musk

The same thing happened a few months back when Elon Musk posted a tweet that his company tesla has invested 1.5 Billion dollars in bitcoin and people can also purchase tesla from bitcoins. After that many people also invested in bitcoin, and its price hiked so much, nobody had ever imagined.

When the price of bitcoin hiked up to $45000 then once more he tweeted about bitcoin. But this time it was totally different, he said his company tesla is no longer accepting bitcoin as it is too hard to mine the bitcoin.

Elon Musk also said, in the future tesla will surely accept cryptocurrency.

After this tweet, the price of bitcoin falls drastically and many people lost a huge amount of money.

What Accent Does Elon Musk Have?

People blamed him that he controls the crypto market and he was the reason why they have invested so much money in Bitcoin.

Many people think Elon musk manipulated the bitcoin market for his profit. And this is a recent big reason why do people hate Elon Musk?

False Information about Pandamic

Elon musk also gave wrong information on the pandemic, he said, “Pandemic is not very deadly “.

He also had made a statement that young generation people will not get affected by the Coronavirus. But in reality, thousands of young people died of this dangerous virus.

Elon also questioned the legitimacy of negative and positive results. He added, he will not take the vaccine and this is one more reason why people hate him.

Too much love for Mars

Everyone who follows or even heard of Elon Musk knows his love for Mars. actually, he is crazy about it.

He insisted, If we build a civilization in outer space, it can improve our lives to a new level. Many people do not believe in his theory of improved life in space.

Elon Musk’s plan is to send over 1 million people to Mars by 2050. He strongly believes that Mars is our future and in the future humans will call Mars their own planet.

Elon takes advantage of his workers

There is some news of Elon musk that he takes advantage of his works. Once he had to apologize to everyone because he was accused of paying his outsourced workers just 5 dollars.

Many reports show that Tesla company management is horrible, workers face issues like racism, gender discrimination, and sexual harassment.

Elon musk also discourages his workers from unionizing and he also fired union activists of tesla.

He was also responsible for spreading coronavirus because did not close his factory in Alameda, California during the lockdown, and as result, many of his workers got covid positive.

College is Waste of Time

Once in an interview, he said that he doesn’t believe in the college education system, in his opinion college is a total waste of time. He further said the college will do not teach you anything, it is just for fun.

Here I also support him because colleges will not teach you anything creative, they are here just to make you a good employee.

Even our education system is not capable of making you an entrepreneur, that’s the reason many people do not job even after completing college.

The fees of colleges are also too damm high and the things they teach you in college are defiantly not worth that much money.

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