Speedaway – Everything you should know

What is Speedaway?

Speedaway is a combination game and it combines football, basketball, and soccer. This game is played between two teams and each team has 11 players.

The main objective of this game is to take the ball from one end to the other end of the ground to score points. While taking the ball to other you can use football and basketball skills like dribbling, kicking, passing, running, and punting.

You don’t need any fancy equipment to play Speedaway, you need to have a ball, a ground and you are good to go.

Scoring in Speedaway

There are mainly 3 ways to score goals or points in Speedaway.

When you score a field goal, you will get 3 points. A field goal is when a player kicks the ball and it goes between the opponent’s goal poles.

When a player runs with a ball and crosses the endline or completes a pass to a teammate across the end line, it is called touchwood and the player will get 2 points for it.

When a player kicks the ball and it goes between opponent’s goal poles and below crossbar then the player will get only one point.


As this game is a combination of Football, Hockey, etc there are only 2 teams can play at once. Each team has 11 playars and 5 of them are forwards, 1 goalkeeper, 3 midfielders, and 2 defenders.

The goalkeeper’s job is to save goals and the defenders do the same, their work is also to stop opponents from scoring goal and making points.

The main work of forwards is to score goals and midfielder are there to assist them in scoring points.


There are some rules for penalt in Speedaway.

1. If a player pick the ball from feild illegally, this is also given penalty.

2. If a player with ball is tagged by defence then he should immediately drop the ball but if he didn’t drop the ball, its a penalty.

3. If a player did some rough moves like hitting his opponent or pushing illegally, its also a penalty.

When a penalty is given, player have to score goal with freekick from 10 yards and if able to score in one kick his team will get 1 point.

If the ball goes out of the bounds, it get in to play same as football.

1. If a ball goes over sideline then there is a throw in taken.

2. If the ball gets over the endline by teammates then the corner kick is taken.

3. If the ball is kicked by opponent team players over the endline then goalkeeper takes kick.

Basic Rules of Speedaway

1. Speedaway game always start with coin toss and the winnin will start the game from the midline.

2. While the ball is out of the bound and someone is throwing in, its a rule that all other player should stay atleast 5 yards away.

3. During a corner kick, goal kick, kickoff, and a free kick, all player must stay over 10 yards away from ball.

4. If the ball touches ground it can not be picked by hands directly. If you want to pick the ball by hands, first you have to convert ground ball to aeriel ball. To make it aerial, player should kick the ball in air and also caught it on fly.

5. There is one more way to convert ground ball to aerial, to do so first hold the ball with your both feet and then jump when you jump the ball will in air and now you can catch it with your hands.

6. If a player is running with ball in hands and opponent player tags him then he must drop the ball to ground by his feet and continue to play as ground ball.

7. Both teams has 3 time outs and they can use it between in the game.

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