New DFFOO Tier List (July 2022): Opera Omnia Tier list


Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia, also known as DFFOO, co-produced by Square Enix and Team Ninja of Koei Tecmo, is a free online mission-based game from the series of Dissidia Final Fantasy. No matter which platform you are using, a piece of good news for you is that the game is available for both Android and iOS.

From amazing storyline to iconic characters, the game loads up with remarkable features that deserve your attention right away. Alongside the various features, another cool thing about DFFOO is that you can earn gems in the game as a F2P. Having said so, let us look at the minimum number of gems you can earn by playing actively:

You can earn 3000 gems per month by completing “Daily Quests.”

“Login Bonus” gives you 1500 gems in a month.

From “Character Events,” you can earn a minimum of 5000 gems.

You can even earn around 1800 gems per month by completing “New Chapters” in the game.

That means, on average, you can earn a total of 11300 gems in a month without including gems from “Illusion events,” “Ranking Up,” and other “Miscellaneous sources.”

Now let’s take a peek into the various statistics of each character within the game:

I.BRV – It is the initial BRV at the start of the game.

HP – It is the player’s Health Point.

M.BRV – It shows the maximum amount of BRV that a player can store each time.

DEF – DEF determines what amount of damage can your character take. You can improve this in two ways; either by leveling the character up or by equipping more armor.

ATK – It displays what amount of damage can your character make with a regular attack. Again, you can improve the same mainly in two ways; either by equipping weapons or by leveling the character up. Not just that, some armor can also boost ATK.

The player needs to assemble a three units party, each possessing a different set of powers and skills. They need so to complete each of the missions efficiently. You need to complete different chapters of the game to unlock different characters. As each character comes with different abilities and playstyle, you need to carefully pair two of them together. This is very essential for winning fights and earning rewards.

DFFOO Tier List (July 2022) : Opera Omnia Tier list

Depending on the performance, the DFFOO assigns each of the characters a tier. Altogether, there are seven tiers in the game. These are SS, S, A, B, C, D, and F. Among these, characters in tire SS and S are the best with a more useful set of skills and abilities. While the characters in tier A, B, and C fall in the mediocre category, tire D and F characters are the least powerful characters, and you should try not to add them to your group.

DFFOO Tier List – Tier SS

CloudOverall Good DPS
SerahBrave Battery+Buffer
SquallBRV Attacker
TerraHP Attacker
VaanHP Attacker
YunaBrave Battery

DFFOO Tier List – Tier S

EdgarDebuffer [Apparently]
HopeBrave Battery
KrileBrave Battery
LilisetteBrave Battery+Debuffer+Buffer
PrisheFlexible Attacker (Physical+Magical)
Warrior of LightTank
ZidaneSPD Warmonger

DFFOO Tier List – Tier A

AceSelf-Buffing DPS
AlisaieMulti-Element DPS
BartzBRV Attacker
CecilGood AoE BRV Attacker
FirionVampiric Damage Dealer
LightningSelf-Buffing DPS
Onion KnightFlexible DPS (Physical+Magical)
ThancredPoison Specialist
TidusSPD Warmonger
ViviGood Magical DPS

DFFOO Tier List – Tier B

CaterBRV attacker
EikoHealer+BRV Battery
JechtGeneral Good DPS
KingRanged DPS
LayleKnock Back Specialist
RydiaMagical DPS
SeiferBRV Attacker
SephirothBRV Attacker
Y’ShtolaMagic BRV Attacker
YangAoE HP Attacker
YuriGeneral Good Dps
ZackBRV Scrapping Tank

DFFOO Tier List – Tier C

Characte rRole
KainGenerally Good DPS
PapalymoMagical DPS
RaijinThunder DPS
TifaBRV Attacker
VincentBRV Attacker
WakkaRandom Self-Buffer

DFFOO Tier List – Tier D

AerithHealer+Brave Battery
GarnetMagical DPS
IrvineRanged DPS
SabinGenerally Good DPS
ShadowSPD Warmonger
YuffieBrave Battery
ZellAoE Attacker

DFFOO Tier List – Tier F

AuronBrave Attacker
BalthierBuff Stealer DPS
CelesMagic DPS Nullifier
FuujinWind DPS
LionBRV Attacker
PalomLong-Term Battle Specialist
SteinerAnti Human DPS.
YdaPoison DPS
SazhRanged DPS

Final Words

Entitled with cool storylines and remarkable fights, DFFOO is an action-packed game that you should definitely try. In this article, we have talked about the various rewards available in the game, along with the DFFOO Tier List(Opera Omnia Tier list).

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