Risk of Rain 2 Builds: Most Eye-catching Builds


In case you made your way here searching for the best Risk of Rain 2 builds, you’re definitely at the right place. But before we talk about the builds, let us take a quick look at the game itself and why it is so amazing to play in 2021.

Risk of Rain 2 Builds: A Quick Look

Risk of Rain 2, developed by Hopoo Games and published by Gearbox Publishing, is a rogue-like shooter game. Created in the last decade, the Risk of Rain 2 has a wide range of weapons, enemies, playstyle, and advanced systems. From 3D environment to new characters, from multiplayer gameplay to powerful weapons, it outruns its predecessor in every department. 

The Risk of Rain 2 game consists of a range of combs that even skilled and professional players have not tried everything out. Now it’s way too difficult to find rare items in the game. Alongside, it is also hard to get a handsome number of stacks from stacking. Despite that, if you somehow manage to have some of these combos, there is no way to stop you.

Risk of Rain 2: Specialty

Risk of Rain 2 is a system-powered that loads up some cool features. Every element of the game is so well characterized that it means user attention in every aspect. To have a fair idea, here is the list of best features that makes Risk of Rain 2 worth playing in 2021.

Main Features:

1. Risk of Rain 2 allows you to bring four players together in a co-op mode seamlessly through the Steam platform. You’ll need no port forwarding to connect and play.

2. The game features over 75 items that you can unlock over time. This means you’ll be served with a kind of unique and fresh walkthrough full of new challenges.

3. You can play and unlock various new and varied returning survivors. The survivors bags their own set of abilities to master.

4. With Risk of Rain 2, get ready to get yourself into the endless item and character combos.

5. The gameplay is so vivid that it allows you to encounter challenging monsters and several enormous bosses.

6. The game features a set of well-designed 3D levels that are massive to explore.

7. Thanks to the collection of Monster, futuristic items, and various kinds of Environment Logs, the game brings a comprehensive way to discover lore.

8. Last but not least, with Risk of Rain 2, challenge your friends and the players from all around the world—in a whole new set of Prismatic Trials. It is basically a unique seeded run in which players can indulge in a run to top the global leader board.

Now that you’re aware of the main features that set sets of Rain 2 apart, it is time we shift our attention towards the builds. Risk of Rain 2 comes with some really amazing trails and builds. Here is a list of some stunning builds that one should definitely check out.

Best Risk of Rain 2 Builds to Try in 2021

Risk of Rain 2 Builds

Risk of Rain 2 Builds: MUL-T + Preon Accumulator +Fuel Cells

MUL-T, a bot character in the game Risk of Rain 2, has synergetic powers that help in collaborating with different items. The Preon Accumulator can kill rivals within a range of 35 meters damaging about 600% of the enemy’s life per second. In case an enemy touches the player, the damage imparted is 4000%, and the impact results in an explosion. The Preon Accumulator has remarkable synergies with all the proccing items.

The ability of MUL-T in holding down two different kinds of pieces of equipment all in one place makes it a natural choice. It helps in making the cooling down process a more manageable task. Additionally, Fuel Cells help in lowering the cooling down process. Thus, MUL-T players who have Preon Accumulator should take advantage of these to the fullest extent.

Risk of Rain 2 Builds: Artificer + Alien Head + Extra Clips

The Alien Head, one of the legendary items in Risk of Rain 2, has the capability to decrease all the cooldowns by 25% for the player’s benefit. Although stacking is a must for Artificer, it is something we don’t recommend as its return is pretty low. To understand better, let’s take numbers into perception. Even if you stack for just two times, the cooling down percentage reduction, which was 25% before, will rise to 30%.

The Artificer is actually a ranged spell master; when we talk about its best ability, we have the extended cooldown facility.  The Artificer also makes its class very strong with only one piece of equipment. Coupling it with more speed-increasing items such as Extra Clips and Soldier Syringe may result in the flat-out broken of the Artificer.

Risk of Rain 2 Builds: Any Ranged Character + Paul’s Goat Hoof

One of the unique speed-based items in the game Risk of Rain 2 is Paul’s, Goat Hoof. A player notices it a lot of times in their runs. Although players try to gather ranged characters as many as possible throughout the game, having an excellent ranged character is quite tricky. One needs to be a master for getting good ranged spots for going to the later waves.

Though Paul’s Goat Hoof is a worthy item for any build, as a ranged class, the more stacks you will have, the more powerful and controllable you will be. A speed boost of 14% is good; having a speed boost of 140% is unmatchable.

Risk of Rain 2 Builds: Kjaro’s Band + Runald’s Band

The two special items of the Risk of Rain 2, Kjaro’s Band and Runald’s Band, are very hard to unlock. You can only unlock these items by discovering these two in the Abandoned Aqueduct. Though they are challenging to find, their level of powers makes them worth searching for. Now, you might wonder how to get these items; here is what you are required to do. You need to make a run until you get to a hilly and desert zone.

After reaching there, you have to look for a huge hole with a gate on it in a cliff. You then need to find two pressure plates on the map. You and another person (be your teammate, friend, or any individual) must step on these plates simultaneously to toen a secret area.

After these, the game will automatically unlock the Kjaro’s Band and Runald’s Band within a short span of time, and you can use them in your future runs. On one side, Kjaro’s Band emits a massive wave of AOE damage that can damage an enemy by 400 %, while the Runald’s Band has the power to slow down a rival by 80% for some seconds.

Together these two can cause massive damage to the enemy as the latter will slower the enemy down, and the former will cause enormous damage.

Risk of Rain 2 Builds: Mercenary + Soldier’s Syringe

The Mercenary in the Risk of Rain 2 is a melee character. The character makes a close attack on its enemies from the rival’s swarms. Unlike Mercenary, the Soldier’s Syringe is a less complicated item in the game; it increases the speed of attacking power by 15%. Though it looks ordinary at first glance, its ability for more consistent special effects is an ultimate game-changer.

The main tools of the Mercenary’s arsenal are dodging attacks and the ability to get back into the fray instantly. And, as the Soldier’s Syringe has a few stacks, it turns the character into an invincible sword-swinging menace. It works remarkably when combined with items having remarkable effects on attacks.

Risk of Rain 2 Builds: Stacking Razorwire on Any Character

With Razorwire, you are looking at one of the most robust yet easily demolishable items that are available in the entire Risk of Rain 2 game. The element is so powerfully fragile that it associates with varied characters irrespective of any criteria. 

The Razorwire is capable of shooting out razors to at least five of the enemies that are situated within the range of 25-meter in radius. Alongside, when any player is on the receiving end of the damage, the respective number of ranges per stack keeps increasing.

What is the longest game of risk ever played?

World’s Longest RISK Game [Record Time: 2:40:35.1] This is by far the longest genuine competitive RISK game of any sort. A record time of 2 hours, 40 mins, and 35 seconds. The game takes place in Hasbro’s mobile game of RISK which stays faithful to its board counterpart.

Wrapping Up – Risk of Rain 2 Builds

There you’ve it. In this article, we’ve discussed the Risk of Rain 2 Builds in the most comprehensive manner. I hope you’ll have a fair idea now. Thanks for your time. In case you find yourself in trouble of any sort, don’t hesitate to drop a message.

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