Best Discord Commands List in 2022

If you are looking to add some extra fun and spice to your Discord Server, then look no further, as we have compiled a list of the best discord commands that you can use in 2022.

Discord is a voice chat and messaging app where people can create their own community, share their thoughts and ideas, and discuss various topics with each other. It is an excellent way to socialize and make new friends online.

discord commands list

Before digging into the Best Discord Commands List, firstly let’s find out what are these commands and also how to use them?

What Are Discord Commands?

Discord commands are the specific set of actions that are triggered by a specific set of keywords or sequence of alphabets and characters. These commands are also known as slash commands, as they are preceded by a slash (/).

Discord commands are a form of bot command that can be used for various different purposes. They are usually based on a combination of words and symbols. These commands help the user perform some specific task. For example, you may wish to create a welcome message for new users and notify them about your server rules and guidelines.

For example, the /ban command can be used instead of /kickban.

You can also add prefixes before each command name and alias to tell Discord which bot they belong to. For example, if your prefix is! then typing! ban will work just like /ban.

If you have multiple bots on your server and want them all to use different prefixes, you can set up an individual prefix for each bot by typing /prefix set [prefix] @[botname]. This will only show up for that bot.

What is the use of Discord Commands?

The Discord commands are the best way to make your Discord server look more attractive, or to make it more user-friendly. When you are using a Discord server, you can add a lot of customizations to it. Using these commands, you can make your server look more professional. When you use any Discord bot command, you will have access to a lot of different features that help your server grow bigger and better.

The best part about the Discord commands is that they allow the users to create their own custom commands. There are many different types of Discord Commands available for you to use on your server. You can use these for moderation purposes, playing fun games, or making your server interactive. Generally, we use bots to:

  • Moderate server activity and enforce rules and regulations
  • Conduct polls & surveys
  • Manage the server with automatic functions like welcoming new users, assigning roles, etc.

Best Discord Commands List for Discord server in 2022

The following Discord Commands List contains the best command available in Discord and all its features. Each command has a name, which is what’s used when using the command, and one or more aliases that can be used instead of the command name.

Shrug Command

I’m sure that you have seen many people using the shrug command in Discord. The shrug command uses a small graphic image (called an emoji) of a person shrugging to express a lack of knowledge about something. To use the shrug command, type this into the text chat box: /shrug

Discord Tableflip Command

The tableflip command flips a table. It really is just as simple as that. You can think of it as the opposite of the shrug command, but it’s useful whenever someone says “lmao” because you can use it to show your frustration. To use the tableflip command, type this into the text chat box: /tableflipShrug Command

Text to Speech

Text to speech commands can be quite useful for discord users who are unable to communicate verbally with other players. These commands allow users to easily call out messages without having to type them out every time. For example, if you want to say “hello”, you can use the following text-to-speech command: /tts hello!

Spoiler Free

The spoiler free command is a great feature that allows people who wish not to see spoilers from other players in their chatbox. The way it works is by having a small icon that appears next to messages that contain spoilers, which lets you know that there may be some content in there that you do not want to read. If the server owner has enabled this feature, then when someone uses this command, it will show an icon next to your message saying “spoiler free” or something similar.

Quick GIF Search

If you want to find a GIF to go along with your message, you can use the “/gif” command followed by a search term. So if you wanted to send a GIF of a cat playing the piano, you could type “/gif cat piano” and Discord would pull up some related GIFs for you to choose from. SED Command You can use the “/sed” command to find out how many messages on your server contain a certain word or phrase.

For example, if you wanted to see how many times someone used the word “pizza,” you would type “/sed pizza.” This command is useful for finding out whether people in your server are talking about something specific.

Nickname Change

This command will change your nickname in your current Discord server. If you wish to change your nickname in other servers then repeat the step by connecting to that particular server. Type: /nick newnickname

The command is simple: /nick [new nickname]. It will change your nickname in the current guild to whatever you want it to be. You can always revert back to your original name by using /nick [oldname].

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between Discord commands and bots?

Bots are generally used for giving everyone a good time by unleashing funny conversations and random stuff. Commands, on the other hand, are mostly used for moderation purposes.

What is the Best Discord Bot?

The best discord bot is probably MEE6 or Dank Memer; however, they are both premium bots. If you are looking for a free alternative, then I would suggest Dyno Bot. Dyno Bot comes with moderation commands (ban, kick, etc.), music commands, some fun and useful commands, and several other features that will help improve your server.

How do I install a bot on Discord?

To install a Discord bot simply go to a bot website and find the invite link for the bot you want to add. When you click on the invite it will ask you to select your server and then it will give you an option to authorize it. Once authorized the bot will automatically be added to your server.

How do I get my own Bot?

You need to have programming skills and knowledge of the Discord Bot API to create your own Discord Bots. If you don’t want to learn to program, you can also hire a freelance developer on Fiverr or Upwork platform to create your custom discord bot.

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