17+ Logic Roblox Id Codes in 2021


Roblox is a great platform where you can create and play games. Roblox is also known as a platform for gamers by gamers. Roblox has a huge 180+ million user base where you can find many games created by the object programming approach. This platform has a Roblox Library to find user-generated content, you can also add this content to your inventory.

Roblox Library is huge here you can find many types of content but Audio files are the most famous content type. There are many famous songs in this library but you cannot find them easily because there are over 500k audio files in the Roblox library.

Logic Roblox ID

Logic is an American singer, rapper, and songwriter and Logic Roblox ID is an Id of his popular songs. Logic is quite famous in the Roblox world for his rap songs. Logic’s youtube channel has 4m subscribers and his most famous song is 1-1800-273-8255, which has over 420m views on youtube. I have also mentioned some famous Logic Roblox IDs in this article.

What is Logic Roblox ID Codes?

All songs or other content has a unique Roblox ID Code which is used to find a particular song. If you search “Logic” in the Roblox library you will see there are 100s of search results, therefore it’s quite hard to find his original songs. But you don’t have to worry about this, as we have mentioned all famous Logic Roblox ID Codes below in this article.

Logic Roblox ID Codes List

Here are the top Logic Roblox ID Codes

Logic Song NameLogic Roblox ID Code
Logic – Perfect5429265934
Logic – Ballin806445724
Logic – All I Do259753145
Logic – Worthy1975221515
Logic – The Come Up929307920
Logic – 5am617165679
Logic – Mind of Logic1389950935
Logic – 44 More2057994722
Logic Song NameLogic Roblox ID Code
Logic - Everybody717918770
Logic - 1-800-273-8255755623951
Logic - Black Spiderman743733400
Logic - Take it back844937609
Logic & Rag’n’Bone Man - Broken people1216792233
Logic & Marshmello - Everyday1471000566
Daft Punk - Technologic244618090

Logic – 44 More

The id code for this song is 2057994722. 44 more was released in the year 2018. And it has over 47m views on youtube. You can also find this song on wynk music, Spotify, and other music apps. The 44 more song comes under the hip-hop genre.

Logic – Perfect

The Roblox id of this song is 5429265934. This hip-hop genre song was released in 2020. You can find this song on youtube, Spotify, jio savan, and many more platforms. The perfect song has over 2.6m views on youtube and almost 54k likes.

Logic – Ballin

The Ballin song was released in 2017 and its Roblox id is 806445724. The Ballin falls under the Hip-hop rap genre and it featured Castro(artist). You can enjoy this on youtube, wynk. gaana and many other internet platforms.

Logic – All I Do

All I Do song by logic was launched back in the year 2011. The id code of this song is 259753145. It is one of the most famous songs of logic with over 50 million views and 400k likes on youtube. This song is gaining popularity day by day, you can this song on the Visionary Music Group youtube channel.

Logic – 5am

5 am is a very famous song of logic and it has over 73 million views and 575k likes. you can find this song on youtube music and spotify. The 5am song was released in 2013.

Logic – The Come Up

The come-up song is quite famous and it has over 4 million views on youtube and 30k likes. Logic launched this in September 2017. This song also can be found in many platforms.

Logic – Worthy

The Roblox id of the worthy song is 1975221515 and it was released in the year 2018. You can find this song on most platforms. This song is not much popular as compared to other songs of logic.

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