Maplestory DPS Chart: Best Class Tier List & DPM Chart (October 2021)


Maplestory DPS Chart 2021: A Brief Description

Maplestory, developed by Wizet, a South Korean company, is a 2D multiplayer online game. It is a free role-playing game where the players need to choose their own class character. Every character has its benefits, so it is pretty hard for players to choose the best one for themselves.

There are various things you need to consider while deciding the class that includes DPS and playstyle. To help you with that, we have made a list of Maplestory Tier according to Maplestory’s global version ranking.

Maplestory DPS Chart Best class tier list:

Before moving forward with the list of Maplestory’s class tiers, remember DPS rankings are only a mere reflection of a calculation made against a solo target. It indicates how well a class is going to perform against some of the bosses of the game. 

Additionally, as the calculation of DPS rankings are based on inaccessible conditions, and these are unavoidable, these do not indicate how a specific class will perform against every boss. 
The present DPM figures are for GMS patch 223.0 (Neo).

Given below is the list of Maplestory DPS Chart 2021

Fire Poison Mage1S534.4332,066.03167.74%
Demon Slayer7A475.4928,529.58149.24%
Dawn Warrior9A467.0128,020.52146.58%
Thunder Breaker12A455.9627,357.53143.11%
Night Walker15A446.9426,816.27140.28%
Angelic Buster16A446.3226,779.23140.08%
Ice Lightning Mage18B420.3725,222.07131.94%
Dark Knight26B397.5923,855.54124.79%
Night Lord28B391.9923,519.68123.03%
Dual Blade34B361.121,666.14113.34%
Battle Mage36C354.9321,295.88111.4%
Bow Master39C343.8220,629.39107.91%
Blaze Wizard40C342.8520,571.07107.61%
Wind Archer41C341.3320,480.09107.13%
Beast Tamer43D324.9219,495.19101.98%
Wild Hunter44D324.219,452.03101.76%
Demon Avenger46D320.3219,219.29100.54%

The mentioned classes are a perfect choice for mobbing and farming, bossing, and for raw players. 

Best Bossing Classes

As a beginner, though one may not wish to beat the bosses, as the level of the game increases, the players’ ultimate goal shifts to defeat the stronger bosses. And that is why they like to play a class that is best at defeating the bosses.

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Here is a list of powerful classes that can beat the bosses. But these classes, although being all-rounders, lack in case of mobbing and farming.

However, if your ultimate aim is to beat the powerful bosses and looking for the best bossing classes in Maplestory, here are the best three classes.

1. Night Walker
2. Hero
3. Dual Blade

Night Walker

The thief of the branch of the Cygnus Knights, Night Walker, is one of the best bossing classes in the game. The Night Walker throws stars and shoots bats as his primary weapon.

The Night Walker has high DSP, clones, and bats as its source of damage, making it one of the top classes in Maplestory.

The players can even increase the damage they cause as a Night Walker. For this, they need to press and hold both their throwing attack and jump together. That will make the character throw twice per jump, which is faster than the usual throwing speed.

Moreover, with remarkable damaging power and high mobility, the Night Walker also comes with a bind. The bind feature ensnares the bosses for a while, which is quite helpful during a fight against the bosses.


Hero, the warrior of the branch of the explorer, is another highly acknowledged bossing class in Maplestory. 

Unlike the other versions, Hero lets you reach a higher level of attack speed that makes him perfect at bossing. The main attack of the Hero is a ragging blow. It imparts an immense amount of damage while in an enraged state.

Dual Blade

Like the Night Walker, the Dual Blade is also a thief, but their weapons are different. Instead of throwing stars, the Dual Blade uses a Katara and a dagger as his weapons.

The Dual Blade is the best at bossing as his powerful skills emphasize damaging a single enemy. If you are someone who is looking for a mobile class, the Dual Blade is the best version for you. That is so because he not only has a powerful flash jump but also has multiple combo skills.

Best Mobbing and Farming Classes

In the global version of Maplestory, the players usually spend most of their time in mobbing, be it for farming, training, or anything else. 
Now, you must be wondering what mobbing is? So, mobbing, in simple words, is the act of beating mobs as quickly as possible.

Here are some of the best mobbing and farming classes:


Kanna is a mage of the branch of the Sengoku. It has kishin skill and remarkable full map attack, making it a perfect fit for farming in the game.

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Kishin is a skill that increases the number of mobs on the map by almost 50% and decreases the mob’s respawning rate.


Luminous, a mage of Hero class, has a Reflection skill that makes him a perfect choice for mobbing.

Luminous can smash the whole map from the 4th job even just by standing still and using Reflection. That makes Luminous better than Kanna at mobbing.

Ice Lightning mage

Ice Lightning mage is Another excellent mobbing class in Maplestory, a magician of the explorer branch. Ice Lightning mage is one of the most popular classes in GMS and the most popular in KMS. Honorable mentions for this category include Angelic Buster, Paladin, and Kinesis.

Best Classes for New Players

It is very tough for a newbie to decide which class to play as there are more than enough classes available in the global version of Maplestory, each with unique and special skills.

Therefore, for your convenience, we have listed a few classes that are best for a newbie.


Adele is a new addition to the Maplestory and is very powerful, making it the best class for new players.

Adele has the highest DPS and comes with some remarkable all-rounder set of skills. These make her good at both bossing and mobbing.

Demon Avenger and Demon Slayer

Demon Avenger and Demon Slayer, the two demons in the Maplestory, are an excellent fit for new players. They are the warriors of the branch of Resistance.

These two use a health system to fuel the skills. Thus, they use HP instead of MP as a cost for the skills.  


Kanna is an excellent pick for some new players and we have included Kanna for best mobbing and class in Maplestory. Kanna is tankier than the average mage class.

Kanna’s kishin skill and AoE skills make Kannas incredibly easy to train and a phenomenal pick for new players.

One more thing which makes Kanna a great pick for new players is it has great damage output with limited funding.


Aran’s different playstyle with flashy skills makes him another amazing pick for new players in Maplestory. Aran does well with even less funding in bossing and mobbing.

Aran will also give a good fight against stronger mobs because he is a warrior of the hero branch.

Each of our mentioned classes is an excellent choice for farming, bossing, and mobbing. If you liked our guide on Maplestory DPS Chart 2021 then do share it with your friends. Thanks for reading.

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