Best Mesa Prime Build to Try in 2021


Are you confused about the best Mesa Prime Builds? Well then, look no further. We are here the most promising guide that you need to go through right away. Once you run over this article, chances are pretty high that you’ll never need to seek Mesa Prime builds again, at least in a few years from now. But before jumping right into the builds, here is a brief introduction to the Mesa Prime for all the new individuals to the Warframe scene.

Mesa Prime: A Brief Introduction

Mesa Prime, one of the best Warframes, is an updated variant of the Warframe Mesa. It is a female character released in the year 2018 along with Redeemer Prime and Akjagara Prime. Due to her remarkable features and abilities, she is quite a popular character and is in high demand.

Let’s have a look at the various abilities of Mesa Prime:

Ballistic Battery: When the players activate this power, it stores the damage caused by the guns. When you trigger it again, it channels through the next gunshot.

Shatter Shield: The Shatter Shield protects itself from any incoming bullets. When you activate it, the shield envelops Mesa Prime in a barrier of energy.

Peacemaker: Mesa Prime can shoot down her enemies quickly when she draws her regulator pistols.

Shooting Gallery: This ability shifts from one team member to another, giving extra damage while jamming the competitor’s guns.

Simple: The mechanics used in Mesa Prime is simple and can be operated with ease.

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Getting the Mesa Prime

Mesa Prime build includes +20% reload speed for one-handed sidearms, +10% fire rate for dual-wielding sidearms, and 50% when a melee weapon is unequipped. You need the following Relics for acquiring Mesa Prime:

1. Neo Z2 – Mesa Prime Blueprint
2. Axi H4 – Prime Chasis Blueprint
3. Neo M2 – Prime Systems Blueprint
4. Lith M3 – Prime Neurooptics Blueprint

What are the Best Places to Farm all these Relics?

Now that you know what Relics are, you need to acquire Mesa Prime. Let us know talk about the various places where you can easily farm these Relics.

Neo Z2 Relics: Void – Oxomocco 5.56% change, Void – Ukko 5.56% change, Sedna – Hydron 8.83% change in rotation A.

Axi H4 Relics: Pluto – Hieracon 12.5% change in rotation C, and Sedna – Hydron 19.13% in rotation C.

Neo M2 Relics: Void – Oxomocco 5.56% change, Void – Ukko 5.56% change, Sedna – Hydron 8.83% change in rotation A.

Lith M3 Relics: Void – Teshub 14.29% change, and Void – Hepit 14.29% change.

A Comprehensive Talk About Mesa Prime Builds

Whenever we talk about the Mesa Prime builds, there are generally four of them which are most promising to try in 2021. However, before moving forward, you must be aware of the four essential parameters that play a crucial role in prioritizing any build. These are “Duration,” “Efficiency,” “Strength,” and ‘Range.”


Duration is the prime factor that corresponds towards the Peacemaker, Shatter Shield, and even Shooting Gallery abilities of the Mesa Prime. The role of this factor is to keep the entire cycle of powers running for an extensive period.


Efficiency is another promising element whose effectiveness is in optimizing the entire set of the Mesa’s abilities. A significant factor indeed in the energy consumption sector


Strength is another vital factor that needs prioritizing attention before building the Mesa Prime. It is one of those elements which can be conveniently capped at desired situations. Whenever you see an increment in the Strength, the probability of enhancement in the damage multiplier becomes pretty evident.


Although essential, Range is given minor importance among the four parameters. The main reason behind this is its limitation in usage. Range basically marks importance in just the Shooting Gallery ability and not for the others.

Having talked about the parameters, let us now have a detailed look at the best Mesa Prime Builds that you must try in 2021.

Mesa Prime Build 1

The first Mesa Prime build is all about minimizing the Range, keeping the Strength factor under a limit. The limit is basically set beyond the mark of 120%. Alongside, Range and Strength, the Duration and Efficiency are maximized to their thresholds. Additionally, other factors mark maximize response, including the Ability Duration, the Narrow-Minded, the Fleeting Expertise, the Primed Flow, and many more.

Mesa Prime Build 2:

Moving forward with the second Mesa Prime Build, this one generally focuses on maximizing the Strength. If you want to roll over enemies, ensuring prolonged survivability is what you are after; this build definitely needs your attention. In addition to maximizing Strength, the build also corresponds to minimizing the entire Range factor keeping the Duration and also the Efficiency at their constant position throughout.

Mesa Prime Build 3:

Although similar to the second build in most aspects, the third Mesa Prime Build brings in a bit of variation moving ahead. It is again a build that focuses on maximizing Strength instead of Range, Duration, and Efficiency. But that one thing that sets this build apart is the availability of Mesa’s Waltz. This is, in general, one of the best QoL improvement elements in the entire character. Quick access to this ability will let you chase down your enemies and further roll them over, dominating battle as the whole. In other words, the thirds build is all about increasing and improving your aim reticle.

Mesa Prime Build 4:

Concluding our list of best available Mesa Prime builds, the fourth one is genuinely the most impressive one to move along with. This build orients towards the overall combat scene. This Mesa Prime Build empowers players to bring up essential credentials out of everything and craft their way towards a decently well-finishing touch.

FAQ – Mesa Prime Build

What’s the difference between Mesa and Mesa Prime?

Mesa Prime is the Primed variant of Mesa, possessing increased armor, health, and energy capacity over its regular counterpart.

What primes are not vaulted?

At any given point, over half of all prime items are not available in the game.

  • Ash Prime.
  • Banshee Prime.
  • Ember Prime.
  • Equinox Prime.
  • Frost Prime.
  • Hydroid Prime.
  • Limbo Prime.
  • Loki Prime

What is Mesa Prime signature weapons?

Mesa’s “signature” weapons are technically the Tigris, Akjagara, and Redeemer.

Does Rhino roar stack?

Does 2 rhino roar stack? No, the highest buff will be applied. If the weaker buff has a longer duration, it will be applied after any higher buffs expire.

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How much plat is valkyr Prime worth?

Around 90 if you buy the full set, 80 if you buy the parts separately.

Can you trade Mesa Prime Neuroptics?

You could for example trade a mesa prime neuroptics blueprint. You can only trade prime parts that are in the state that you get from relics. This means that you can only trade the blueprint for Mesa prime nuroptics.

Where can I get a narrow minded mod?

Constitution is an Alert Reward and Narrow-Minded is obtainable through Vault Runs with Vault Keys.

Wrapping Up: Mesa Prime Build

Concluding the fourth build, we wrap up today’s edition of Mesa Prime talks. Although we focused on putting up the different builds for the Mesa Prime in the most comprehensive and user-friendly nature, we also made sure to give our readers a brief idea of what Mesa Prime actually is and how you can get one in the game. We hope you had a great time walking through our pieces. In case you have troubles of any sort, make sure to educate us about the same using the comment section.

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