Everything about SQM club: Facts and Figures

Everything You Need To Know About SQM Club

In today’s world, there is only a very small percentage of people who think about our planet earth and the SQM club is an organization of one of those people. SQM club is an organization of people that help in improving the air quality by significantly cutting CO2 emissions.

As of now, more than 1000 people from different-different organizations around the globe operate the SQM club and all members are helping to improve our environment for upcoming generations. The SQM club members claimes that the squak mountain team is a non-profit organization working around since 1954, preserving the mountain for people’s enjoyment.

SQM club uses creativity and statistics that make its objectives and goals achievable. The full form of SQM is square meters and it stands for ” amount of carbon dioxide a person or group of people saves by joining their programs.” SQM also has ties with many countries in Europe and they are proud of their work.

SQM club collaborates with the governments, businesses, and non-profit foundations to achieve their objectives. This club believes, everyone should help in cleaning the air, after all, it is necessary for us and future generations.

SQM club believes that their goal of improving air quality could not be done without support of people and they also think the government should do something to make people aware of it. People will obviously take action if they understand the problem and that’s where government should something.

Businesses, corporations, international bodies, and countries contact the SQM club in case they want to reduce CO2 emissions to meet some regulatory requirements or to save money. SQM club helps these corporations and businesses with tools to help to control CO2 and the club also gives ideas to improve air quality.

What is SQM club?

SQM club members have accurate tools so they can easily estimate the amount of their CO2 emission allowing them to save money by performing some actions. SQM club gives tools to its members to track their CO2 emissions easily and also some useful information.

The tool is a web-based calculator developed to help members to understand CO2 emissions in products and services used by them. SQM club also provides advice and suggestions to their member in order to save money by doing some simple actions at home, work, and school.

When did SQM club started?

SQM club was started in 2009 and as they claim they have helped club members to save 1,675,486 tons of carbon dioxide as of January 2015. The headquarters of SQM club is located in Oxford, united kingdom, with sqm club members in Singapore, Queensland, Germany, Malaysia, Israel, Belgium, and China. SQM club members believe that they can make their life better without damaging the environment.

What is the Benefit Being The Member of This Club?

The SQM club member gets a smartphone app which is a footprint carbon tracker and this app allows members to track their carbon emissions. SQM club also provides useful and relevant information about CO2 emissions. SQM also assists its members in properly measuring CO2 emissions so they can see how their actions affect climate.

How can I join SQM club?

SQM club members are connected with corporations, organizations, and businesses that want to improve air quality by cutting CO2 emissions. You can also become a member of SQM club just follow these instructions-

1. First you need to download the SQM club applications, you can find this app in Google play store, Apple app store, or the SQM club.

2. Now just create an account with SQM club, you can also create an account with Facebook.

3. Enter some basic information and you are good to go.

How many members currently working in SQM club?

SQM club members are from all around the world, currently, the SQM club has over 1000 active members.

In which country SQM club works?

SQM club’s headquarters are located in the united kingdom but its members come from many different countries like Singapore, Germany, Malaysia, Israel, Belgium, and China.

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