Cape Westwind – Important Tips 2021

Cape Westwind

Cape Westwind is a narrative quest trial fight at level 49. It will be the first time you are partnered in an 8- player team with two healers, two tanks, and four DPS. Join a group of pals or wait in line in the Duty Finder.

If you are a DPS, the wait time can be up to an hour, and because it is a narrative quest instance, it may take even longer as the game progresses, as more people will have completed it, and there will be no reason to do it again.

Because this combat necessitates some strategy, you’ll need to coordinate or at the very least have the tanks declare who is in charge of collecting the adds as they appear. The combat is very straightforward, and if your group is well-equipped, it should be relatively painless.


RIHTAHTYN SAS ARVINA, PRAEFECTUS CASTRORUM of the XIVth Legion, examines the imperial outpost at Cape Westwind. Rhitahtyn’s ability as a field strategist has earned him a position of considerable influence within the Garlean military, despite his origins in a country conquered by the Empire.

The Alliance’s attempts to rid the realm of the imperial menace would undoubtedly be hampered by the presence of such a strong enemy general. You’ve been given the task of infiltrating the imperial base and killing him in the first phase of Operation: Archon.

Cape Westwind Important Tips

The following are the essential things to acknowledge while playing this game:

Fire Bombs

Rhitahtyn will constantly hurl firebombs during the battle, so keep an eye out for fire circles on the ground. Just stay away from the negative stuff and pay attention! There’s no need for your healers to perform any more effort.


Rhitahtyn, who is about 60% healthy, requests the assistance of two guards. They’ll emerge at the same door that the party did, so the off-tank should be prepared to gather them up approximately 65 percent of the time.

Allow 5-10 seconds for the off-tank to build enmity. Then ALL DPS should burn the adds. It’s a good idea to have the off-tank label the adds as ‘1’ and ‘2’ so that all DPS is directed at the right target.

Magitek Missile:

Starting at about 25%, Rhitahtyn will launch a missile strike. This is something that the entire group should be prepared for because they can do significant damage. All non-tank vehicles must try to get out of the big circle signifying the missile’s blast. To avoid being hit, try to run to the opposite side of the room. The rockets won’t wipe out the group, but they can reduce everyone’s health to dangerously low levels.

FAQ – Cape Westwind

Any tank tips for cape Westwind?

Face the boss away from the group and keep him as still as possible. Use defensives when you think a big hit is coming or you start dropping a lot of HP. If you’re not the main tank stand to the side of the boss and be ready to use provoke if your co tank dies.
You’re going to mess up and that is okay. At the end of the day as long as you’re willing to learn what you need to work on and focus on what I put above. That is general advice for all tank encounters.

What Happened at Cape Westwind?

so camp Westwind is the first “hard” trial in the MSQ. It’s tuned for players at level 49-50 with really low gear levels so the average 8 man party will burn the boss down in ~30 seconds even with gear sync. This is appreciated by a lot of people if they get camp Westwind in the daily trial roulette as it is a quick run for the full rewards. Plus since you hadn’t done it before you triggered the first time bonus so everyone got a little extra for virtually no effort on anyone’s part

Where do I go to get Cape Westwind?

Cape Westwind is part of the main story quest. It’s not a “dungeon” you’ll do more than once as it doesn’t even drop the end game currency, it’s just to progress the story.
I don’t remember having to physically walk to the location to unlock it in the duty finder but if you must I’m fairly certain the entrance is as far north as you can go in Western Thanalan, through vesper bay and up to where all the bad guys are.

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