Subnautica Aurora Codes: Aurora Door Codes

Subnautica Aurora Codes: Exploration will always be an issue this is certainly prominent in any game and it’s also exactly the most outstanding thing that individuals will see in Subnautica. But, within this area this is certainly amazing we shall find an area of great relevance for the online game.

In Subnautica, you begin your trip beside the giant spacecraft this is certainly downed as the Aurora. You might believe it is inaccessible, you could get within the ship to recoup the goodies inside using the right tools and knowledge when you initially notice the ship. In this guide, we will be sharing all Subnautica Aurora Codes.

You shall have to be quite far into the game to help you to get into the Aurora. The Aurora engines exploding is just an event that is significant needs to occur for the ship to open up. You will see this one when you’re from the capsule near the ship, as the explosion is impractical to miss time.

If you are going for hunting Aurora ship, It’s recommended that you should take the following tools and items with you.

  • Laser Cutter  Laser Cutter allow you to enter Prawn Suit Bay, Black Box Terminal and many sealed doors inside the Aurora.
  • Repair Tool – The repair tool is used to fix the breaches of Aurora’s generator room to stop radiation from being emitted by the ship.
  • Survival Knife – Survival Knife is helpful for killing any lingering bleeders.
  • A Seaglide  You shall require one of Seaglide for getting across the submerged parts of the Aurora in Subnautica.
  • Propulsion Cannon / Repulsion Cannon – These could be quite helpful for you while getting rid of barriers and crates, namely the ones in the Laboratory entrance and main hallway.
  • A Weapon – Making use of this, you can easily protect any cave crawlers. This can just be the Propulsion/ Repulsion cannon you just take with you for clearing hurdles on the Aurora.

Subnautica Aurora Codes 2021

Here are all Aurora door codes in Subnautica:

  • Captain’s Quarters: 2679
  • Cabin No. 1: 1869
  • Lab Access: 6483
  • Cargo Bay: 1454
  • Robotics Bay: 6666

Redeem Subnautica Aurora codes

You can activate Subnautica Aurora codes by approaching the gate and point them to the control panel. You have to click on the buttons to enter the corresponding command.

FAQ – Subnautica Aurora codes

What happens if you don’t fix the Aurora?

1. Can’t explore the area around Aurora without the Radiation Suit, meaning you can have a Still Suit or a Reinforced Suit if you repair the reactor.
2. You won’t have any other way of getting past the Lava Zone, since the PRAWN can go to the deepest point in the game.
3. You don’t get the “Calm Kitty” poster to keep your sanity alive.

Can you stop the aurora from exploding?

You can’t prevent aurora from exploding. The aurora explosion allows you into the ship to fix the engine leak.

Can you actually save the SunBeam in Subnautica?

Yes, it is possible. Do not read any radio messages. This will postpone the arrival of the Sunbeam until you are ready.

How to get into the aurora in Subnautica

The best way to get to the entrance(s) to the Aurora is to hug the left-hand side of the hull and move towards what remains of the bow until you find a gap and slip through there. You will see some twisted wreckage forming ramps down into the water.

When do you usually go to the Aurora?

After you build sea moth, Propulsion Cannon, repair tool
And laser cutter.

How do I get inside the aurora?

Swim to the front of it, There’s another entrance on a higher level – you just have to jump over some boxes.

The safest way to get to the Aurora?

Stay on the surface of the water and hug the wall. I’ve never been attacked doing that As long as you stay towards the front/lifepod side of the Aurora.

Why is Subnautica so terrifying?

Because you probably have what I have, agoraphobia. The fear of large and extremely open spaces. It’s also why some people can not be astronauts because of the void of space and just how incomprehensibly large it is.

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