Persona 5 Guide to Raise Kindness

Persona 5 is that which allows you to raise serval different stat in your progress through the game. Its most important part is kindness. That will grow your kindness at the upper level. kindness plays a very important role to take the situation under control and it’s one of the tiny and most difficult tasks to raise your kindness. So let’s know further how to raise kindness.

How to raise kindness: Persona 5 Guide

How to raise kindness is the main aim of this article now raising the kindness stat has done any kind of actions that take care of people choosing the right social links or reading out some books can read your kindness by eating certain types of food and taking care of your plants these are the ways to increase or raise your social stat.

Most importantly, to increase your height as the course that can boost your social link and easily run without any trouble if you do not ignore it.

Persona 5 Guide– kindness:

These are some of the ways how you can increase your kindness through the social stat in persona 5.

  • Step 1: Working at the revolution of a flower shop or any other flower shop at the underground section or apply for a part-time job by checking out the poster on the wall.
  • Step 2: You can read as many as books you can, to increase your social stats if books are not available you can go out in search of the school library or you can buy them through the book stores. The description of the book or the DVD will help you to increase your start social stat you can read out those books in the library occasionally in the train.
  • Step 3: You need to clean your room and gain access to your plant as early as possible you can plan to feed the planned feed the plant in your room you can purchase items from the flower shop to provide the nutrition to your plant this will be very helpful for increasing your kindness.
  • Step 4: Other than you concentrate on your plant the best way is to spend time with the sojiro, he is a man with crusty old thoughts but sweetheart he is quite rude but can and increase your kindness.

Getting up your kindness to a higher level means not miss those opportunities to pass by you have to increase your relationship with one of your earliest teammates until you are at the least level.

How to raise the social stats?

The best way to raise the social stats is quite different and might have other skills that raised to the progress of the game and carry a lot of benefits if raised correctly. 5 stats will work throughout the game that is knowledge guts, proficiency charm and the most important is kindness. Horrible confidence in the person of five plays or requires social starts to be at a certain level this is a quite annoying obstacle but it especially has stat slower than others. So let’s know that 5 starts one by one.


The best and easiest way to gain knowledge is please just by answering the questions correctly in a class or take a list of test answers to help with.
drinking the few in Shibuya dinner or drinking coffee can earn 2 points but if you do it on a rainy day you will on three you learn more.


Kindness is that which allows you to progress in certain confident storylines or interact with different things in the world. You have to get fresh with the nature give a room a tidy and gain some access to your plant as soon as possible you can once you have done with all this then why some nutrition’s for your flower for the flow from the flower shop located in the underground section other than getting friendly with the nature you can get friendly with your guardian too!


If you want to increase your guts you can achieve it by visiting that by Takaime and participate in the medical trials by ordering some coffee at the dinner. You just have to probably really on some activities that can realize your social start likes watching rented DVDs or purchasing or buying some reading books, participating in a free clinical trial with Takemi some Big Bang burger challenge watching movies playing video games, that will help you to increase your guts.

I hope this Persona 5 Guide will help you increase or raise your kindness, guts, and other factors and help you boost your kindness level.

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