Download MSI Mystic Light Latest Version

If you’re reading this, you probably already know that RGB lighting is a feature found on parts and peripherals from various manufacturers alike. 

Back when the RGB craze started, various manufacturers across the board in various industries implemented it into their products from their hardware to peripherals. The MSI Mystic Light utility is one of those products that allows you control over your hardware and see the lighting effects easily. 

Meet the MSI Mystic Light. It’s a software utility that allows you to synchronize the RGB effects of your entire system via a centralized interface. MSI Mystic Light is about personalization and making users’ computer setups truly stand out.

Coupled with the RGB capabilities of MSI motherboards, graphics cards, and other components –such as mice, headsets, keyboards, and more– it provides you with detailed customization options to create your own unique look that is different from what everyone else has. 

Imagine setting up separate cool LED patterns with one color cycling while another has a dull pink ripple. The possibilities are endless!

What is MSI Mystic Light?

MSI Mystic Light is one of the most well-round and powerful RGB lighting tools in the market. Mystic Light is a software program that lets users change the colors of their MSI components.

It can support up to 16.8 million colors and 29 different lighting effects such as Breathing, Flashing, and Gaming Mode. The software has two sections: Mystic Light for the motherboard’s RGB LED lights and Mystic Light Sync for peripherals.

How does it work?

The app controls the RGB lighting via your local network. Your PC needs to be connected to the same network for it to work. You can connect various components to the app and control them all at once from within one interface.

You can also customize each individual component so that they all show up differently in order to create a look that’s entire unique to you.

To use Mystic Light, you need to connect RGB LED devices with a 3-pin 5V D-LED header or 4-pin 12V RGB header to the right connectors on your MSI motherboard. After that, you can control the LEDs of your PC using the Mystic Light app in Windows or any compatible third-party software.

Download Mystic Light

Installing MSI Mystic Light on your computer is easy. Just follow these steps:

1. Download MSI Mystic Light from the download link above and save it to your desktop.

2. In the first installation wizard, click the Next button to continue with the installation process.

3. On the next screen, click the Next button again to finish installing MSI Mystic Light.

4. After installation, you have to restart your computer.

5. After installing MSI Mystic Light, you can easily change the color of the LEDs by just clicking one button in the application itself. You may also select individual LEDs to change the brightness by simply adjusting sliders.

How to use Mystic Light Sync?

If you want to use multiple RGB device then you should know about this Sync feature. As we know, MSI Mystic Light software to control the LED lights on your MSI motherboard and graphics card. You can also sync up with other brands such as Corsair and G.Skill, and even synchronize with Razer Chroma!

To start using Mystic Light Sync, first download and install the Mystic Light app onto your computer. Then, connect all your RGB devices to your PC through the proper connectors. If you are using a motherboard with built-in RGB lighting, make sure you plug in the RGB header for it to turn on.

Once everything is connected, launch the Mystic Light app and choose the “Mystic Light” tab at the top of the screen. Here you will see all of your connected devices listed under “Connected Device.” To change the color of each RGB device, simply click on one from the list. A box will pop up allowing you to choose a color for that specific device or enable an effect cycle mode. You can even enable music synchronization with compatible hardware!

If you want all of your devices to have the same light colors, simply enable “Sync with other RGB motherboards/devices” under “Global Settings.” The colors of all devices that support synchronization will be automatically changed to match that.