Custom Resolution Utility Download

Custom Resolution Utility is a free application that can be used to change the resolution of your computer display. It allows you to select resolutions up to 4096 x 2048, or even higher if your hardware supports it. You can also create custom resolutions that are not supported by Windows or your graphics card.

The idea behind the custom resolution utility is simple, you can change the resolution of your monitor without having to change the graphics driver and without having to mess around with the driver files.

What is Custom Resolution Utility?

Custom Resolution Utility is a simple program that allows you to change the screen resolution of your computer. It’s designed to help users with a monitor with a resolution other than standard settings.

Custom Resolution Utility can be used to change the resolution of your laptop or desktop computer. You can use it to adjust the size of your screen and even set up multiple monitors if you have more than one monitor on your PC.

You can also use it to change the number of display devices on your computer. This allows you to use more than one monitor at once, which can come in handy when using multiple applications at once or playing games with multiple players.

Features of Custom Resolution Utility

1. Easy to use

Custom Resolution Utility is a very easy-to-use tool that allows you to change the display resolution, color depth, and color space of your screen. Its simple and intuitive user interface makes this tool very useful for all users. All you have to do is install the app, choose your display resolution and click on Start! It will automatically optimize your PC for a better display.

2. Customize Display Settings

The custom resolution utility allows you to customize almost all aspects of your display including brightness, contrast, gamma control, and more. You can also choose between different color spaces such as sRGB or Rec709 which will help you get a perfect color output on your device screen.

3. Customize Color Space

You can also change the color space of your display by selecting one of the predefined values from the list that is provided with the application. This can be useful if you want to adjust the color output on your device’s screen according to your preferences or if you want to make sure that everything looks good when viewing games or videos on your smartphone or tablet’s screen in low light conditions etc.

4. Change Display Resolution

This feature allows you to change your display resolution. The default resolution of your phone is usually set to a low resolution, which means that you will have less information on the screen and it will be harder to view. With this utility, you can easily change your display resolution so that it matches the one on your computer or other devices. You can also choose whether you want your screen to be in landscape or portrait mode.

5. Increase the Screen Density

The second feature of this software is called “Increase Screen Density”, which allows you to increase the density of the pixels on your screen without increasing their size or quality. You can use this feature if you want a better color reproduction or if you have problems with text legibility and clarity when using low resolutions for long periods of time such as gaming or watching videos on YouTube or Netflix.

Download Custom Resolution Utility

To Download Custom Resolution Utility Follow the steps given below –

Step 1: Click on the download link below and wait for a few seconds.

Step 2: It will show you a pop-up asking you to save the file. Click on the Save button and it will start downloading automatically.

Step 3: Once the download completes, you will see a window asking you to install the software. Click Next to begin the installation.

Step 4: After installation is complete, click OK. The utility will be installed on your computer and it will automatically open once installed.