RTSS Rivatuner Statistics Server 7.3.3 Download

The download link for RTSS Rivatuner Statistics Server 7.3.3 is provided below in the article.

If you’re looking for a way to get the most out of your graphics card, then you may want to consider downloading Rivatuner Statistics Server. This free tool gives you all sorts of information about your graphics card, including framerates, temperatures, and more.

This powerful tool can help you tweak your graphics settings for the best performance possible. The most important thing to know about Rivatuner Statistics Server is that it’s a powerful program for overclocking your graphics card.

What is Rivatuner Statistics Server?

Rivatuner is a comprehensive program that lets you tweak and overclock your graphics card. It can also help you optimize your gaming performance by making changes to various settings, including refresh rates, resolutions, and anti-aliasing levels.

You can use this tweak utility to customize Direct3D performance such as resolution, antialiasing level, texture quality, and others. Rivatuner Statistics Server is a free program for Windows that gathers information from your video card, as well as detailed information about how various graphics settings affect performance.

In other words, Rivatuner Statistics Server helps you to tweak your graphics settings so you can get the highest framerate or quality without sacrificing those two aspects. You also have the option of entirely removing graphical features if necessary, which would increase performance dramatically.

How does it work?

Rivatuner takes information from your video card and displays it in an easy-to-understand table. It also provides details on how certain settings affect your video card’s performance, including anti-aliasing (AA), anisotropic filtering (AF), and texture quality (TQ).

Rivatuner Statistics Server is a powerful utility that allows users to monitor their computer’s performance in real-time. You can monitor CPU and GPU usage, RAM usage, clock speeds, temperatures, and more! It also includes a GPU stress test feature called FurMark Stress Test which is used by professionals to verify stability before overclocking.

How Rivatuner can help in Overclocking?

Overclocking is the process of increasing the speed at which your GPU operates. This allows you to take advantage of more performance without having to upgrade your hardware. The problem with overclocking is that it can be dangerous.

Overclocking your GPU too much can result in overheating, leading to system instability and even hardware failure. Rivatuner Statistics Server is designed to help you determine how far you can safely overclock your GPU, as well as monitor its temperature, voltage, and clock speeds.

This allows you to optimize the way that your graphics card performs at any given time so it will run faster when needed but not overheat and cause damage due to excessive heat output.

Features of Rivatuner

RivaTuner Statistics Server (RTSS) is a customizable on-screen display (OSD) application for real-time monitoring of GPU and CPU performance data during games or other full-screen 3D tasks.

The key features of the RivaTuner Statistics Server include

  1. Clock rate, temperature, and fan speed monitoring for graphics cards with advanced fan speed/temperature curves customization support.
  2. You can also tweak GPU Performance settings to make your PC run smoother.
  3. Rivatuner Statistics Server has an automatic thread priority optimization algorithm that helps keep applications running smoothly at high priority without interrupting other apps or services.
  4. On-screen display support for DirectX 8/9/10/11/12 and OpenGL applications.
  5. Hardware monitoring module with customizable alerts and logging facilities.
  6. An integrated benchmarking module that supports multiple 3D APIs.

Download Rivatuner Statistics Server

To learn how to download Rivatuner Statistics Server, follow the steps below:

1. Click on the button below to get the direct download link.

2. You will find the latest version of RivaTuner Statistics Server available for download. You can use Rivatuner Statistics Server with almost all graphics cards available in the market.

3. The file will start downloading right away. You will also get a message at the bottom of your screen asking you to save or cancel the download. After the file is downloaded, it will be in zip format.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can this be used for recording videos?

Yes! RTSS has an integrated screenshot capture function that will allow you to capture screenshots at any resolution, compression level, and frame rate you want. It even saves them directly with no lag!

2. Why should I use Rivatuner?

There are two reasons:

A. You want to know what kind of framerates you’re getting in-game, or you need to know the framerate for some other reason, such as evaluating performance issues.

B. You have a game that has its own built-in limiter that is too inaccurate for your taste (for example, OBESE with Oblivion), and you want a more accurate FPS limiter than the one included in the game.

3. What settings should I change in RTSS?

Under the “Framerate limit” heading, set whatever framerate you want. For most games, I recommend 60 fps, although some games may benefit from 30 fps or higher. Make sure the “Limit by” setting is set to “Time (milliseconds)” and not anything else.

4. What games can it work with?

It can work with any DirectX 9 or 11 game, which is almost all games made since 2004. It will also work with OpenGL games through third-party plug-ins such as MSI Afterburner’s OSD plug-in (which comes bundled with RTSS).