Progressive insurance and it’s Types

Progressive still is the third-largest private passenger vehicle insurance provider company in the United States. It has multiple flexible insurance options such as usage-based insurance and ridesharing insurance that appeal to a broad spectrum of drivers. 

It is also consistently ranked as one of the finest automobile insurance firms in the country in industry evaluations. But how excellent is the service, and is the money spent on a Progressive policy worth it? In this analysis, we’ll go through the different coverage choices that Progressive could be a good fit for and compare to other popular carriers.

When shopping for vehicle insurance, check costs from numerous carriers to find the best offer, regardless of which company you like. Then, using the tool below, you may acquire free quotations from suppliers in your region.

Types of insurance covered by Progressive insurance

Following are the Types of insurance covered by Progressive insurance-

Pet injury 

Progressive will cover any veterinarian fees incurred due to your dog or cat being harmed in an automobile accident. Because the coverage is an element of your collision insurance, you’ll have to pay your policy’s deductible before you can submit a claim. 

When you have a pet, you might already have one pet insurance. However, the deductible for Progressive’s pet injury coverage could be lower than your pet insurance deductible, potentially saving you money.

Custom parts & Equipment Value 

Consider adding this endorsement if you love modifying your car with aftermarket items. Under both collision and comprehensive coverage. Progressive gives $1,000 in coverage for accessories and custom items such as stereos, navigation systems, and grilles. In addition, progressive offers range for amounts exceeding $1,000 on an individual basis.

Gap insurance

Your collision coverage will typically only cover the cost of your automobile up to its actual cash worth if you’re in an accident. It may be less than what you owe on a loan or lease. Gap insurance is designed to cover the gap between the debt on a loan or lease and the value of your vehicle. 

Progressive’s gap insurance coverage is limited to 25% of the vehicle’s real cash value. However, if you recently acquired a new automobile, the endorsement is well worth it, as Progressive’s typical client pays just $5 per month for it.

Rental reimbursement 

This endorsement will compensate you for the cost of hiring a vehicle while your automobile is being repaired if your car is involved in a collision. Coverage limitations range from $30 to $50 per day, and the endorsement is only valid for 30 days.

Benefits of Progressive insurance 

Following are the benefits of progressive insurance

Auto insurance Take – away 

Progressive is likely to provide reasonable rates to experienced drivers and drivers who have had past incidents. Because of the Snapshot program, those who drive responsibly will most likely find the best prices with Progressive. If you don’t fit into one of the three categories listed above, you’ll probably find better pricing and service elsewhere.

Home & Renter’s insurance take-away 

For the vast majority of consumers, some firms sell house and renters insurance that provides more excellent coverage at a lower cost than Progressive. Progressive can be a supplier to consider for renters’ insurance if you have a lot of property. Progressive’s underwriting strategy, on the other hand, renders its house insurance unreliable and cumbersome.

Progressive provides all of the standard vehicle insurance coverages that you’d usually expect from a giant insurer. Additionally, t also provides a few unique contents, like pet injury coverage, along with personalized value coverage for parts and equipment.


If you elect to get Progressive renters’ insurance, you may be eligible for special discounts that reduce the cost of your premiums. Progressive’s most famous renter discounts include savings for requesting a quotation at least three days before your policy’s start date, plus preferring to receiving the policy documents as well as invoices through email.

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Progressive renter’s insurance offers coverage that is equivalent to its house insurance packages. Various types of protection are included in the policies, which other insurers routinely supply. But, like those of its homeowner’s insurance packages, its endorsements are limited: you can add $5,000 of water backup protection or maybe personal injury liability coverage.


Progressive is a middle-of-the-road company when it comes to customer service and claims processing. It is well-known for its ad campaign featuring an enthusiastic spokeswoman named Flo. However, progressive’s customer service representatives are frequently chastised in reviews for their lack of responsiveness. For example, in its U.S. Vehicle Claims Satisfaction Study, J.D. Power, an industry expert, ranked Progressive 21st out of 24 auto insurance providers. Geico, State Farm, and Allstate are among the notable insurance firms that obtained a higher score.

Yet, Progressive’s National Association of Insurance Commissioners complaint rating of 0.32 is much lower than the national median of 1.00. Moreover, it indicates that Progressive receives substantially fewer complaints when compared to most other insurance firms.

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