The patching system refers to the most exciting feature of the PCSX2 Emulator. Some patches will assist the user to play the broken game by messing with its code by avoiding some parts. The user needs to find and download such patches via the Internet. However, there are some other patches available that help to cheat games during the play, therefore, even if the user is not capable enough to beat the gameplay by fair means; no need to be frustrated like on the original PlayStation 2 games. This guide will help you to understand the method of using the cheat code.

Converting the codes – PCSX2 Cheats

The users can’t directly use codes as they might be available on some websites or forums. The user needs to convert cheat codes in the RAM format to make them usable while playing the PlayStation games. The user needs to first download the OmniConvert and further extract the .exe file by using WinRar and run it.

The user needs to paste the cheat code on the left side and then navigate to Input and select the type and version of the cheat. Some of the compatible cheat codes for OmniConvert are listed below:

  • Action Replay MAX
  • CodeBreaker Version 1 and Up
  • Gameshark Version 2
  • Xploder Version 1 and Up
  • Action Replay Version 1
  • Gameshark Version 1
  • Xploder Version 4 and Up

Now, the user needs to select the “Output” option located on the menu bar and select the type as Unencrypted > Standard.

After such, click on the “Convert” option available on the lower left of the wide and further copy the converted RAW codes to the clipboard.

Disneyplus.Com Login/Begin 8 Digit Code

Now, close the OmniConvert and download PCS2XCE.
When the PCS2XCE is downloaded, open the Cheat file to open the pnach.

Note: You don’t have the pnach for your game till now, so you have to follow the steps detailed in the next section to get pnach and then return here.

How to create a pnach – PCSX2 Cheats

  • To create a pnach, it is quite necessary to figure out the CRC code related to the game that the user is attempting to use the cheat code. Now, the user needs to launch the game on the PCSX2 toolbar, click on “Misc” and further “Show Console”.
  • Now, the user needs to scroll down until CRC is found.
  • When CRC is found, remember to note down the number.
  • Now, locate the PCSX2 directory on the computer that should be accessible on the Program files of the computer system.
  • Head over to This PC >> Local Disk (C 🙂 >> Program Files (x86) and look for the PCSX2 folder and open it.
  • Make right-click on the space available within the folder, choose “New” and enter the “Text Document”.
  • Check if the file extension is visible or not. If it is not visible, the user can allow it by visiting the right corner of the screen and choose the “ View” option and tick the” File Name Extension” box available.
  • Lastly, right-click on the file you just created, choose the “ Rename” option, paste the CRC number of the game, and the .pnach extension as a suffix, and click over the Enter button.


After creating the pnach file, follow the guide’s first section and avail the best gaming experience. If you still have any queries or suggestions, please let us know by putting a comment in the box given below.

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