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Brad Mondo is an American YouTuber who loves to make videos about hairstyles and fashion. As of January 2021, his youtube channel has over 7.4 million subscribers. He also has an interest in modeling and has done a few commercials. Brad Mondo is a social media entrepreneur with millions of followers on different social media platforms.

Brad Mondo Net Worth

Brad Mondo has an estimated net worth of $5 million and a good amount of it, he has made with his youtube channel. In the year 2021, his channel got over 1.2 Billion views which is a lot and if we just calculate Brad Mondo Net Worth from Youtube Adsense, it will be more than $2 million. With such a huge channel he also gets a lot of high-paying sponsorship offers and some percentage of his net worth also comes from his product selling business where he sells hair-related products.

Is Brad Mondo Gay?

Yes, Brad Mondo is Gay and he doesn’t try to hide it from anyone but he was not the same as now. From his teenage years, he knew, that he have some different feelings compared to other boys. Firstly he didn’t tell anyone about being gay, Instead, he said that he is bi-sexual and has a girlfriend.

Brad Mondo net worth

After some time Brad Mondo told his close ones the truth but they didn’t handle it well and later a few days most of his friends knew he is gay. Brad also broke up with his girl as she was shocked after knowing the truth. It was a very hard time for him because society judges anyone if they are different from them.

Brad Mondo Twin

No, Brad mondo does not have a twin brother. If you have subscribed to brad’s channel and have watched most of his videos then you must have also noticed that his many videos have titles like “I gave a surprise to my twin brother” or “I gave my twin a major hair makeover” etc. So one day, A person on Reddit asked a question, how it is possible if they are twin brothers and not have the same height?

This Thread on Reddit watched many eyeballs and people started digging more about this topic. After many days of discussion on Reddit and youtube comments, people found brad and eric’s birth date which cleared all the doubts. According to their birth dates Eric Mondo is not his twin, he was just his big brother.

Eric was born in 1992 whereas brad’s birth year is 1994. Later, Brad accepted that he was lying and he did all of that for views and clickbait.

Brad Mondo Age

Brad Mondo is 27 years old. He was born on 28 October 1994, in Massachusetts, United States. As you know Brad is a hairstylist but did you know his father was also a hairdresser. Seeing his father, he liked it so much that he want to pursue it as a carrier.

He was making videos for a long time but when in 2015 he earned his first $100 from Adsense then he decided to pursue it as a carrier. According to him, he has more than 10 years of experience working in salons.

Real Name Brad Gesimondo
Date of Birth28 October 1994
Height5 ft 11 inches

Brad Mondo Brothers

Brad mondo brother is Eric mondo and he is older than him. Many people were asking, why he lied that Eric is his twin brother. Well because it is a great clickbait, whenever people see these thumbnails with some catchy title like “I did this to my twin brother”, they most likely click on the video.

At that time, his Youtube videos were filled with comments like he played with their feelings. His twin videos have got millions of views and this is the main reason why he did it. If You have seen videos of the Dolan twins and Dobre twins, then you must know how popular are these twin things types of videos are.

Brad Mondo Salon

Many people were wondering if he is a hairstylist then where is the Brad Mondo Salon located. I just want to say, that dude has over 7.2 million subscribers on Youtube so why would he work on any salon. He is currently not working in any salon but he used to. In one tweet he said he has worked in-salon for over 10 years before starting youtube as a serious business.

Brad Mondo Siblings

Brad mondo only has one sibling and his name is Eric Mondo. Eric is Brad’s big brother who is 1.5 years older than him. Eric also featured many times in Brad’s youtube channel. They both react to other people’s hairstyle videos and give their funny comments on them.

Brad Mondo Controversy

Just like most YouTubers Brad also got himself in trouble with some controversies. We have already talked about his twin brother controversy but other than there are a few more.

The first one caught fire when he launched his hair product and said it is cruelty-free and made with vegan things. But when people noticed the product contains an ingredient called Carmine which was neither vegan nor cruelty-free. This gets worse when even after demanding people didn’t get a refund.

Another controversy happened when he collaborated with another youtube named Snitchery to makeover her hair. After the makeover, her hair looked like noodles and damaged. She was smiling in the video but her fans knew she was definitely not happy with it.

Snitchery fans slammed him for damaging her hair, they said how does he doesn’t know that bleaching this type of hair can result in hair loss and damage. But even after this terrible incident Snitchery and brad are close friends.

Brad Mondo Plastic Surgery

Watch the video below know about Mondo Plastic surgery.

Brad Mondo Father

There is not much information about his father, we just know that his father was also a hairstylist. He said his father was his first inspiration for becoming a hair stylist. Bard posted an image on Instagram with the caption, my father passed away on 4th April 2021.

Who is Brad Mondo boyfriend?

Brad mondo is single and he is currently not seeing anyone. There are only rumors about Brad mondo boyfriend because as we know he is quite open about being gay therefore if he had a boyfriend, he had defiantly updated his fans about his relationship status.

Where does Brad Mondo Work?

Brad mondo does not work anywhere. He earns his living from his youtube channel and by selling hair products on his official website.

Where does Brad Mondo Live?

Brad Mondo is currently living in New York City, United States.

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