Who Is Michael Jacobshagen? Everything You Need To Know

You all know Micheal Jackson, he was a music artist legend and his fanbase was unmatchable even today.

While he is an absolute music legend, we have also heard a few cases of Michael Jackson abusing victims and Michael Jacobshagen is one of them.

So, let’s find out who is Michael Jacobshagen?

Michael Jacobshagen

Michael Jacobshagen is a German man and now he is 37 years old.

Michael Jacobshagen came into the spotlight when he accused Michael Jackson of abusing him.

Michael Jackson Michael Jacobshagen

He said all this happened when he was with Michael Jackson on his world tour. He also claimed, nothing happened between them but there were some intentions of Micheal Jackson.

Michael Jacobshagen claims that Jackson touched him in a very uncomfortable way and he also rubbed him on the bed.

Jacobshagen further said, he hugged him so uncomfortably tight and tried to kiss him on the head and cheeks and he felt so uncomfortable at that time.

Michael Jacobshagen also claimed that Michel Jackson gives a gift to him, the gift was a book of nude boys pictures on it.

In this book, there was a personal note of Micheal Jackson, where he mentioned Michael Jacobshagen as his special best friend and referred to him as “rubba rubba friend”.

Besides, he also said, Once Jackson was in a Jacuzzi when he asked Jacobshagen to remove his clothes and join him but he denied his offer.

When Leaving Neverland a documentary film launched, in 2019, after then Michael Jacobshagen made all these allegations on Michel Jackson, before Leaving Neverland he had never accused him.

In 2019 Jacobshagen made so many allegations of Micheal for abusing him.

Once in an interview, Jacobshagen said that now after being a father now, he is able to understand what happened to him is wrong.

He added, after becoming his feelings changed and as he now had a son he looks at everything in a different way which is why now he finally understands how wrong it happened to him.

Are These Allegations True?

Many questions arise against Jacobshagen such as whether there is evidence that his allegations against Jackson are true.

One of the main reasons behind this is that he initially defended the allegations of abusing Michael Jackson. And now in 2019 out of the blue, he is the one who made so many different allegations against him.

Many people believe all these abusive allegations on Michael Jackson are totally false as Jacobshagen was never a part of his history world tour.

He only met MJ in 1998 as a fan and many MJ’s fans were also there. So he only met Jackson once in his life and then many years later in 2013, he published a named “Will You Be My Friend” which was about their friendship.

One more thing that makes all these allegations fake is, Jacobshagen claimed that all things happened to him when he was with Jackson on the History tour, but this tour was actually in 1996 and Jacobshagen first time met him in 1998 then a question arises how it can be true.

As I said earlier, there is no evidence that makes all these allegations true. It’s been 12 years since MJ died and he always denied these allegations of abusing young boys.

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