Polo G girlfriend Crystal Blease: Net Worth, Bio, Family, Birthday

Crystal Blease is a social media influencer but she is more famously known as the girlfriend of Polo G. Polo G is an American singer, rapper, songwriter, and producer. He is well known for his amazing rap songs, recently his album Hall of Fame was ranked #1 on the billboard.

Crystal Blease has an amazing fan following on Tiktok, as of now her official TikTok account has close to 600k followers. But she gain most of the fame after she started dating Polo G. Her boyfriend is so famous that fans also want to know about his girlfriend Crystal Blease.

Crystal Blease Age

As of now, Crystal blease is 21 years old. She was born in Belize city, united states, on September 26th, 2000. There is not much information available about her childhood and parents. But according to some sources, she was raised by her father and stepmother.

Crystal Blease
Real Name Crystal blease
Age20 years
RelationshipPolo G
Height 5 ft 5 inches

Crystal Blease Son

Polo G and Crystal have been dating for more than 3 years and many times they don’t afraid to show their love on social media platforms. The couple also has a son and his name is Tremani. He was born on July 6th, 2019, and currently, he is 2 years old.

At the time Crystal gave birth to Tremani, Polo G was not with her. She said in an interview, He was on tour during that time and she doesn’t even ask him to be with her because she know how important is his carrier for him. When asked about marriage, she said they have not talked or planned anything as of now.

Crystal Blease Net Worth

Crystal Blease has never revealed her net worth publicly. But According to our research and analysis Crystal blease has an estimated net worth of $450k. She earned a good amount from her social media handles but she also owns a business of boutique and makeup products. On her beauty website, she sells products like lipgloss, nail paints, and lipstick shades.

She also has a youtube account with over 150k subscribers. In this channel, she makes vlogs about her life. According to the social media statistics website social blade, Blease generates a nice 5 figure income from her youtube channel.

What happened to Polo G and his girlfriend, are they still togather?

Recently there was news got viral on social media platforms that Polo G girlfriend cheated on him. The rumor was like “Crystal cheated on Polo G for his best friend and the twist of the story was that he turn out to be gay and has no interest in girls.

Another rumor started a few months after she tweeted “she has an interest in girls” on tweeter. The rumor was like she is dating a girl named Alize. When this rumor started catching heat crystal posted a tweet ” Alize was at my house but on my son, not for me. We didn’t even talk with each other.”

Crystal said the only reason she is clearing this is that she is in a full relationship with Polo G. Many people still made a ton of jokes and memes on her, but at the end of the day nobody knows the real story.

These rumors may have created some sourness in their relationship, who knows. For now, we just know that either of the two has not said anything about their breakup publicly. If they make any announcements about their relationship, we will definitely update this article to let you know


Q. Where is Crystal Blease from?

Ans. She is from Belize city, united states.

Q. What is Crystal Blease Ethnicity?

Ans. Crystal Blease is an American woman. She has a Canadian mother and an American father.

Q. How many siblings does crystal blease have?

Ans. Recently in the youtube video she revealed, she had lost her mother at the age of three and after that, her father and mother took care of her. She also revealed that she has 17 half-siblings.

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