Brad Mondo Brother Eric Mondo is Gay?

Who is Eric Mondo?

Eric Mondo is an American social media influencer and model. He loves to post about his lifestyle on his Instagram account. He gains popularity because of his brother Brad Mondo who is a big Youtuber with over 7.2 Million subscribers. Just like his brother, Eric also has a massive following on Instagram, currently, he has over 110K followers.

Eric also has a Youtube channel with over 170k subscribers. He created this channel with his brother Brad and they together make videos for this channel.

Is Eric Mondo Gay?

Is Eric Mondo Gay? This is a question which many people are asking on Reddit and other social media platforms. The main reason behind this question is, Brad is Gay and he is quite open about it. But this is not the case for Eric, he never likes to talk about his sexuality or relationship status.

Is Eric Mondo Gay

But a few days ago he cleared everything in Instagram post. Eric admitted he is Gay and currently in a relationship. He further said, currently he is dating Hunter Goga.

Eric Mondo Net Worth

He never talked about his income sources but we have estimated Eric Mondo’s Net Worth to be 100k dollars. He makes most of his income from Instagram sponsored posts and from the Youtube channel which he shared with his brother Brad. He also makes a decent percentage of his net worth by promoting xMondo hair products.

Eric makes good money but it is nothing as compared to his brother, who makes millions of dollars from his youtube channel and Instagram. Brad is also the CEO of xMondo where he sells hair products to his millions of subscribers. And it all makes sense that Brad earns way more money because he worked hard for 5-6 years to get here.

Eric makes good money but it is nothing as compared to his brother, who makes millions of dollars from his youtube channel, Instagram and Brad is also the CEO of

Brad and Bric Mondo

Eric came into existence for internet people when Brad introduced him in his main channel. But he didn’t say that Eric is the older brother instead he made Eric his twin for the internet world. After some time people noticed some differences in both like height difference. And if they were twins there should be any differences between them, at least at a physical level.

When People found out the truth, it turned into a big controversy. His fans trolled him and said he used his brother eric for views. Later Brad apologized and now everything is great for him. Brad and Eric have started a new youtube channel and as of now, it has over 170k subscribers.

Eric Mondo Age

Eric Mondo is 28 years old. He was born on 19th April 1992, in Massachusetts, united states. His mother’s name is Janine mondo. Brad has said times that his father was a hairstylist but other than that we don’t have any information about his father.

NameEric Mondo
ProfessionSocial Media Influencer
Height5 ft 10 inches
weight72 Kg
Zodiac Scorpio

Are Brad and Eric Mondo Twins?

No, Brad and Eric are not twins, they are just brothers. Brad lied to his subscribers just to get more views, you can say it was a clickbait scam. If you want to know the whole controversy click here.

When is Eric Mondo Birthday?

Eric’s birthday is on 19th April and he is currently 28 years old.

Is Eric Mondo married?

No, Eric is not married to anyone as of 2021. He is just dating a Guy named Hunter Goga. So for the fans who are thinking Eric is married, No he’s not but If he does, we will surely know you by updating this article.

Is Eric Mondo Gay Too?

Yes, just like his brother Brad, Eric is also Gay. Although he is not open like Brad about this topic. Still, he openly posted about his relationship on Instagram.

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